Activating Locast on TV Streaming Devices

Activating the Locast App on TV Streaming Devices

Once you have downloaded and installed the Locast app on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV or Android TV, you will be required to activate it. Activating Locast is just another way of logging in.

1. Leave the activation screen up on your TV
2. Go to and click Login (to the right of the bell icon)
3. Once you are logged in, click Activate near the top left of the page next to Live TV Guide. (If you are using a mobile device tap the 3 horizontal lines to display the Menu)
4. Enter activation code and click the orange SUBMIT button
5. Within a few seconds your TV will refresh to display your Live TV Guide

Helpful Hints: When activating Locast you must use a separate device that is connected to the same internet network, you must be logged into your existing account associated with your donation subscription(if applicable) and the code must be entered in all capital letters. If any of these conditions are not met, you will not be able to activate Locast. If you are activating via a mobile browser, please click the 3 horizontal lines to display the menu.

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