Editing your Donation Amount and/or Frequency

Editing your Donation Amount and/or Frequency

Locast.org offers monthly and annual donation subscriptions and while users can control most aspects of their donation subscription via their Personal Profile (which is accessed via Settings on Locast.org), editing your donation subscription amount and frequency is not one of the settings users have the ability to manage.

Donation amounts are preset and we do not have a way to accept anything outside of the below amounts.

Annual Options: $60 or $100 with a 50 cent processing fee added to each yearly donation.

Please submit a ticket to support and we can assist you with editing your donation subscription from monthly to annual.

Monthly Options: $5, $10 or $25 with a 50 cent processing fee added to each monthly donation.

If you would like to change the monthly amount that you are donating, support can assist you with this as well, but the change must be implemented immediately. If you do not wish to have the change go into effect immediately you will need to cancel your current monthly donation subscription and start a new donation subscription at the new amount once the original one expires.

Once we have this information we can assist you further.

Helpful hint: If you choose to set up an annual donation subscription on your own, please make sure to cancel your monthly donation subscription via Settings on www.locast.org. Starting an annual donation subscription does not automatically stop your monthly donation subscription and you will continue to be debited if you do not cancel it.

If you wish to update your billing information for your existing donation subscription, please see: Updating Donation Payment Method (PayPal & Credit Cards).

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