When are you coming to my City / Market?

When are you coming to my City / Market?

We are working hard to grow our funding so we can continue expanding. There are substantial costs to each new market that we open so your help is crucial in order for us to keep expanding. Please visit www.locast.org/donate to support Locast.org today!

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    • Can I view a city's local channels from outside of the Market?

      No. We use a strict geo-fencing technology to make sure that if you are outside a local market boundary (the “Designated Market Area” as defined by Nielsen), you cannot receive the programming stream.
    • How can I tell what Market Area I am in?

      We use geolocation to determine your physical location, and match that data to the Designated Market Areas. If you are located in a market where we currently provide service, you will be able to access that market’s channels through Locast. You can ...
    • How to Allow Access to your Geolocation on Computers and Mobile Devices

      Most computers and mobile devices have GPS/location services built in. When you allow Locast.org to access this information, it allows us to determine which Designated Market Area(DMA) you are eligible to stream with Locast. Allowing the Locast app ...
    • Live TV Guide Display Options

      You can now view your Locast Live TV Guide in it's entirety, just HD channels available in your market or the channels that you have set as favorites for your user profile.
    • Why can I no longer view programming via the internet?

      Logging out and back into your account on Locast.org should restore your programming. Click “Logout,” then click “Login”. Once you’ve entered your email and password, click “Live TV Guide” at the top to display the programming information for your ...