How to Cancel a Donation Subscription that was started after 5-8-2019

How do I cancel my donation?

If for some reason you need to cancel your donation subscription you can do so at any time via Settings on

‚Äč2. Login to the Locast account that your donation subscription is associated with. (Login will appear to the right of the bell icon).
3. Click on your Profile Icon
5. Click Settings or go to directly

6. Click on Donation
7. Click the "View Personal Profile" button.
8. On the tab that opens, you will see the "Cancel Subscription" option near the top center of the page.
9. Click "Cancel Subscription" and confirm your selection

If you do not see a Donation option under Settings while logged into your account, please contact our Support team using the Submit a ticket button at the bottom of this page or any page within the Help Center.
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