Locast on Roku NEW - 8-25-2021

Locast on Roku *NEW* 8-25-2021

The Locast channel for Roku now offers more login options.

New users can now create an account right from the Locast channel when you first access it:

Please be advised that creating an account via the app will require you to use the onscreen keyboard to enter your email address and password of your choosing twice. You will then have to confirm your email address via the "Locast.org Email Confirmation" message we send out to our new users via a separate device. 

Existing registered users who have forgotten their password can now request a password reset email without having to go to the website:

Registered Locast.org users can now login by entering your email address and password using the onscreen keyboard: 

Everyone is free to use this login method, but you may find it easier to continue to use the activation process when logging in. 

Or, registered users can continue to login to Locast on Roku using the activation process.

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