How can I access Locast?

How can I access Locast?

Viewing your local channels via Locast is possible on a variety of devices.

Computers(Windows and Mac):

Chrome browser
Edge browser
Firefox browser
Opera browser
Safari browser(MacOS computers only)

iOS mobile devices(iPhone, iPad):

Mobile Chrome browser
Mobile Safari browser
Mobile Firefox browser

Android mobile devices(phones and tablets):

Mobile Chrome browser
Mobile Firefox browser
Locast app for Android

Casting Devices:

AirPlay in conjunction with older Apple TV devices
Vizio SmartCast (Chromecast and AirPlay are built in)

Casting is possible via computers(Windows and Mac) and mobile devices(Android and iOS) when using the Locast app or the Chrome browser.

Locast does not currently support third party casting services but mirroring your mobile device's screen to your TV may work. If you have a Samsung smart phone or tablet and a Samsung Smart TV you may be able to use the SmartThings feature to see your phone mirrored on your TV. Results may vary.

TV Streaming Devices:

Fire TV
Android TV(Google TV) 
Vizio SmartCast(if you do not see Locast listed in the available apps you will have to use one of the alternative casting options built into your TV)

Locast does not currently have an app available for other Smart TV brands (i.e. Samsung, LG, etc)

Satellite Providers with the Locast app:

DirecTV and the Locast app are not supported on Amazon Echo Show devices or Amazon Fire HD tablets. 

If you do not see your device listed above, please submit a ticket to support for further assistance.

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