Why can I no longer view programming on the iOS or Android apps?

Why can I no longer view programming on the iOS or Android apps?

On the Locast app, tap the Settings option at the bottom center of the screen, then tap Logout. Enter your email address and password and tap the orange LOGIN button. Location services must be enabled on your device and the Locast app must have access to your location at all times while using the app in order to enjoy your local channels.

Helpful hint: Tapping OK on your onscreen keyboard does not submit your login credentials. Tapping LOGIN while the onscreen keyboard is still open will also not register the action. Tap OK to close your onscreen keyboard, then tap LOGIN and you should be logged in without issue.
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      No. We use a strict geo-fencing technology to make sure that if you are outside a local market boundary (the “Designated Market Area” as defined by Nielsen), you cannot receive the programming stream.